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I'll take you home at the evenings end,
My car is silent and we are silent friends.

Your eyes are soft, your hair fallen down,
You smile at me as you pull your seatbelt round..

And this dimly lit street is foggy like a memory
As we move through the night and the streetlights dance over your face

The car is warm when you switch on the radio,
You find a station and you turn the volume low

That fuzzy sound is faintly familiar,
You sing along softly when they play a song that you know..

And that dimly lit street is hazy like a dream now
As we enter the city it all feels so long ago

Our destination looming,
I try to steal a glance or two but you stare out your window..
And at the traffic lights we're crawling slowly in a queue,
I feel so happy but you don't know.

And now we're on the final straight
You get your keys out and this is the part that I hate.

You ask me how much?
I say £24
And there's no pretending anymore

And the night is so cold as I pull up outside your building,
You pay me your fare and you slam the door on my heart.


releases December 12, 2029



all rights reserved


Bruise Music London, UK

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